Microsoft 365 News 06-10-2021: Supplier to Upgrade Teams ‘Large Gallery’ Layout for Mobile Meetings

Microsoft sign at the entrance of a building at Redmond corporate headquarters.In Microsoft 365 news this week, the supplier announced plans to upgrade the Teams “large gallery” layout for mobile meetings to achieve a more optimal user experience. Keep reading for details about that update as well as other new features, enhanced features and announcements related to the Microsoft 365 suite.

New Features

    • Data Export to Azure Data Lake Services in Power Platform admin center
      • What’s happening: This new feature allows for the export of inventory and usage data for canvas and model-driven apps into a client’s own Azure Data Lake instance. The new capability supports the creation of customized analytical views and inventory reports.
    • Monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot issues with Azure Application Insights
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to introduce new Power Platform performance and diagnostics monitoring capabilities. Organizations that leverage Microsoft Dataverse and model-driven apps will gain the ability to monitor and troubleshoot issues and errors related to Unified Interface plug-ins, form-loads and platform API calls via Dataverse telemetry within the client’s own Azure Application Insights instance.
    • Cross-tenant analytics in Power Platform admin center
      • What’s happening: With the newest Microsoft Power Platform feature release, admins will gain the ability to review out-of-the-box reports on maker activity, usage and inventory of canvas and model-driven apps at both the tenant and environment levels.
    • Image search in Microsoft Search
      • What’s happening: Microsoft Search will soon have a new image vertical that will include images matching the intent of your query.
    • Microsoft Search actionable items
      • What’s happening: Microsoft Search will soon include an assistive action menu with options such as opening results in the browser, sharing, downloading and copying links.
    • End-to-end encryption for Teams VoIP calls
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is introducing the option to implement end-to-end encryption for ad hoc 1:1 Teams VoIP calls. IT will have total control over who can leverage encryption within an organization.
    • Yammer “Post on behalf of another user” feature
      • What’s happening: Yammer end users will soon be able to allow other users in their network to post on their behalf.
    • New Microsoft Bookings experience
      • What’s happening: End users can access a new Microsoft Bookings experience via a toggle on the top right labeled “Try the new Bookings.”
    • Edit SharePoint news posts and pages within Teams
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is introducing the ability to pin a modern SharePoint page or news post to a Teams Channel and edit the page or post from within Teams.

Updated Features

    • Recipient limit for Teams meetings scheduled via Outlook
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to limit the number of recipients when end users schedule Teams meetings from Outlook. This will affect meetings created with more than 750 invitees, and the limit will not impact the content of Distribution Lists.
    • Cortana Briefing email available in additional languages
      • What’s happening: The Briefing email from Cortana is currently available to Microsoft 365 Enterprise end users with Exchange Online mailboxes in Spanish and English. Microsoft has announced plans to extend support to mailboxes in Portuguese, Italian, German and French.
    • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint automation defaults
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to set the default automation level to Full – remediate threats automatically. This will boost automated protection by 40 percent on average. The supplier is making this change after collecting data over the past year and observing that clients utilizing the Full automation level showed a 40 percent higher level of high-confidence malware sample removal.
    • Configuration options added to Yammer Conversations web part for SharePoint
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has updated the Yammer Conversations web part for SharePoint with the following configuration options:
        • New filter option to display only Questions or All Conversations
        • New option to hide or show the Yammer publisher
        • New horizontal layout to easily see many conversations simultaneously
    • Upgraded “Large Gallery” layout for Teams mobile meetings
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is upgrading the “Large Galley” layout to optimize it for mobile and allow end users to swipe through participants.
    • Customization of built-in classifiers in the Microsoft 365 compliance center
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is improving the customization experience with minor feature enhancements.
    • Integrated apps experience now accessible via Microsoft Admin Center
      • What’s happening: The Integrated apps experience is now accessible to Exchange admins via the Microsoft Admin Center under the Settings tab. From there, admins can directly deploy and manage Microsoft 365 add-ins.


    • Retirement of “Office Presentation Service” in PowerPoint for Windows
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to remove the “Office Presentation Service” feature from the Windows version of PowerPoint. The button will no longer be included in the “Present Online” menu beginning with build 16.0.14122.100000. The supplier recommends utilizing the “Present Live” feature in PowerPoint for the Web instead.
    • Reminder: Upcoming retirement of Skype for Business Online
      • What’s happening: As previously announced, Microsoft plans to retire the Skype for Business Online service effective July 31, 2021. Teams is now the supplier’s core communications platform.
    • Removal of Threat agent status report in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center
      • What’s happening: Microsoft will remove the Threat agent status report currently found at “Devices > Monitor > Threat agent status” with the Intune 2108 (August) service release.
    • General availability of new Communication Compliance features
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced that these new Communication Compliance features have moved from public preview to general availability.
        • Support additional languages for harassment, threats and profanity
        • Utilize optical character recognition for the extraction and evaluation of images in messages

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