Microsoft 365 News 06-24-2021: Supplier to Remove Office Telemetry Dashboard from Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

Microsoft sign at the entrance of a building at Redmond corporate headquarters.In Microsoft 365 news this week, the supplier announced plans to remove the Office Telemetry Dashboard in Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. Keep reading for details about the removal as well as other changes to the Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

New Features

    • Paging for Large Gallery in Teams
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is introducing a paging feature so end users can see as many as 98 videos via Large Gallery in Microsoft Teams.
    • Sync non-Azure AD users/groups with Azure AD users/groups for search permissions via Microsoft Graph connectors
      • What’s happening: You can now leverage Microsoft Graph connectors for Microsoft Search to sync your Azure AD users and groups with non-Azure AD users and groups from your external data source to ensure end users only see search results permissioned to them. This applies to the following connectors: ServiceNow, Salesforce and Azure DevOps.

Updated Features

    • Updates released for Microsoft 365 Apps
      • What’s happening: Updates are now available for the Current Channel for Microsoft 365 Apps.
    • Enhanced Microsoft Defender for Office investigations
      • What’s happening: The supplier has announced plans to improve automated investigation email clustering and actions in Microsoft Defender for Office. These updates will make it so actions only impact malicious emails still present in the mailbox. Benefits of this change include improved threat information accuracy.
    • Search box guest user experience update for Lists, OneDrive and SharePoint
      • What’s happening: With this feature update, the search box will be located at the top of the page in the suite header.
    • Single-click opt-in for first contact safety tip feature in Anti-Phishing policy section
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has made it easier to configure the first contact safety tip feature that alerts end users about a suspicious message. Instead of leveraging an Exchange transport rule or Mailflow rule, security admins and SecOps teams can now enable this feature in the Anti-Phishing policy section with one click.


    • Removal of Office Telemetry Dashboard in Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to remove the Office Telemetry Dashboard in Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise starting with Version 2208.
      • Rollout start: Second half of August 2022 (starting with the Current Channel)
    • Intune to support iOS 13/iPadOS 12 and up later this year
      • What’s happening: In anticipation of Apple releasing iOS 15 later this year, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Intune will require at least iOS 13/iPadOS 13 soon after the release of iOS 15. This includes the Intune Company Portal and Intune app protection policies.
    • Intune to support macOS 10.15 and up starting this fall
      • What’s happening: In anticipation of Apple’s release of macOS 12 Monterey in fall 2021, Microsoft has announced that Intune will support macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and up soon after the release by Apple. This includes the Intune MDM agent and Company Portal app.

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