Tech Talks: Contain costs with AI-Powered cloud communication solutions

A person in a suit shown from the neck down holds a tablet in one hand and a glowing icon that reads "AI" in the other hand.To serve as a trusted advisor to our clients, we need to stay up to speed with the latest IT trends and solutions. To achieve that, our team of IT experts attends weekly training sessions conducted by various IT solution providers. Based on our extensive experience and sales volume with the suppliers, we receive exclusive, direct and usually in-person training from these suppliers. Our Tech Talks blog series offers a snapshot of these educational sessions.

A growing accounting software company with an international presence had various PBX systems in different regions. They wanted to replace those phone systems with a flexible, unified solution that would allow staff members to work from anywhere and on any device. One of our trusted partners, a leader in the cloud communications space, provided a platform that fulfilled all of the company’s requirements, including integration with Salesforce and Google Workspace. With the new solution, the software firm has cut telephony spending by $500,000 per year.

If you’re searching for a highly flexible and cost-effective communications platform for your business, we recommend considering this supplier. Our trusted advisors recently met with this cloud solution provider’s sales team to review what they have to offer. Here’s some essential information you should factor into your decision if you’re looking to transform your internal and external communication capabilities.

Provider overview

Since 2011, this California-based supplier has helped businesses increase efficiency and productivity with innovative cloud-delivered technology. Some of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence powers their products, which allow end users to connect via voice, texting, messaging, and video meetings from any device. With 11 offices and more than 800 employees worldwide, they serve more than 70,000 clients. Their communications solutions have received awards from Forbes, G2, Gartner and Deloitte.

Featured offerings: AI-driven cloud phone system and contact center plus unified communications

Transform how your team collaborates and connects with clients with cloud platforms powered by built-in AI. This supplier’s portfolio includes advanced software that allows end users to touch base via various channels and deliver exceptional customer service no matter where they are.

    • Cloud phone system for unified business communications: Manage meetings, calls, texts and messages from a single cloud-based application. End users can access the platform from their mobile phone, computer or any web browser. AI streamlines your workday by transcribing calls and creating call summaries. Other features include the following:
      • Integration with apps like Zendesk, Google Workspace and Salesforce
      • 100 percent uptime SLA
      • Advanced analytics
    • Cloud contact center plus Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): If you’re looking for a unified UCaaS and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, this scalable platform provides all the internal and external communication features your team needs. The intuitive software takes just minutes to set up. Key capabilities include the following:
      • Real-time AI call transcription and sentiment analysis
      • High degree of scalability
      • Real-time agent training pop-ups
      • 100 percent uptime SLA
      • CRM integrations (e.g., HubSpot, Intercom, Zendesk and Salesforce)
      • Advanced reporting and analytics
      • Call routing      

If you’d like to learn more about cloud communications solutions from this supplier and others in our partner network, our trusted advisors have in-depth experience with a wide range of UCaaS and CCaaS platforms. We can leverage our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, extensive network and advanced tools to create objective comparison matrices illustrating how your options stack up against each other. On top of that, working with us costs the same as going straight to the supplier, thanks to our cost parity guarantee.

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