Tech Talks: GenAI solution for contact centers cuts operating costs by up to 75%

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Contact center agents at a logistics and delivery company were overwhelmed by an avalanche of inbound calls, leading to long wait times and frustrated customers. The company’s contact center systems lacked interactive voice response (IVR) and automation capabilities.

The organization wanted to add self-service options to lighten their agents’ workloads, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences (CX). To achieve that, they turned to a generative AI (genAI) platform in our portfolio. The genAI solution automatically routes the company’s incoming call traffic and resolves 30 percent of those requests with self-service options for obtaining product information and shipping updates.

The genAI solution does the work of 10 contact center agents per day and saves the delivery company over $730,000 annually by automating customer interactions. If you want to similarly slash spending, enhance CX, and lighten the workload for your contact center agents, you should consider deploying the same platform.

GenAI for contact centers: Key capabilities and benefits

This genAI solution for contact centers addresses common challenges and pain points for modern businesses, such as

  • High turnover rates in contact centers

  • Staffing shortages

  • Need to enhance customer experiences

Key features and capabilities of this offering include

  • Low/no code

  • Omnichannel automation (voice, SMS, chat, social media, etc.)

  • Integration with other apps (such as CRMs, cloud contact center software, and unified communications platforms)

  • Built-in analytics

  • Option to layer over on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure

  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance features

With the power of AI, this solution can automate up to 90 percent of your customer interactions and slash operation costs by up to 75 percent. It usually pays for itself within 90 days, in addition to these notable benefits.

  • Happier contact center agents and less turnover

  • Better CX

  • Higher productivity

  • Improved cost per interaction

This platform is particularly well-suited for B2C companies with 1,000 or more employees, at least 250,000 interactions of any type annually (voice, chat, email, SMS, MMS, etc.), and high levels of agent attrition.

Our team of technology advisors is here to help if you want to evaluate artificial intelligence solutions for your contact center. We partner with leading providers of genAI for contact centers and can leverage our 20+ years of IT experience, the latest market data, and a tool that rapidly generates comprehensive comparison matrices to narrow your options from double digits to the top 3 that align with your needs and goals.

If you’re interested in identifying opportunities for generative AI implementation, we can also determine if you qualify for a free customer interaction intent study.

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