What Longer Meta Descriptions Mean for Your Business

When Google announced their decision to increase the length of meta descriptions, SEO analysts took the news with mixed reactions. However, businesses that capitalized on this change are enjoying higher organic traffic thanks to longer snippets appearing in search results.

Let’s look at some ways you can increase organic traffic with longer meta descriptions.

1. Increase keyword variants in your meta descriptions. Success in highly competitive industries such as consumer electronics and fashion requires a creative approach to SEO. To outrank your completion, you need a compelling meta description that inspires users to click on your links.

Let’s assume you sell smartphones and most of your competitors have the keyword “smartphone and accessories” in their meta descriptions. How do you use keyword variants in your descriptions to gain more traffic?

You can purchase a keyword research tool such as SEMrush and do some analyzing. Based on that, you could rewrite your meta description in the following versions.

  • “We sell and deliver brand new smartphones and accessories.”
  • “Get high-quality Android smartphones and accessories.”

When a potential buyer types “smartphone and accessories” in their search engine, your website will draw more traffic. The inclusion of keyword variants (“brand new smartphones and accessories”, “Android smartphones and accessories”) creates a strong impression that your store has plenty to offer.

2. Capitalize on long keyword searches. When you want to learn something new from Google, your keyword might begin with “how to.” For instance, you might search for “how to install Windows 8.” If your friend owns a tablet running on Windows and wants an upgrade, they might search for “how to install Windows 8 on Windows tablet.”

You can generate a list of long tail keywords by visiting online forums where buyers meet to share their experiences related to certain products or services. Next, use your keyword variation tool to generate a longer list of keywords. This list enables you to increase organic traffic significantly due to one reason: Your competitors might limit themselves to consumers who use short, common keywords.

Using the example above, you can use the following long keywords in your product page meta descriptions.

  • How to install Windows 8 remotely on local area networks
  • How to install Windows 8 and partition your hard drive

3. Use it to drive users to the next step of your sales funnel process. A potential buyer interested in purchasing a TV might decide to use Google to help them find the nearest electronics dealer. If the buyer resides in a business community where no one has uploaded their physical address via Google Maps, they’ll have to rely on meta descriptions.

If you want more visitors to your store, include your business phone number, location, and operating hours. Your new meta description will provide important information at a glance, which makes the purchasing process easier.

If you have any questions about meta descriptions and driving traffic to your website, our team offers expertise in SEO and Web design. Feel free to reach out to us by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing sales@stratospherenetworks.com.

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