What to look for in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) supplier

Rows of servers in a data center.Choosing the right partner can make all the difference. That holds true whether you’re looking for love, launching a business, or searching for your ideal Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider.

If you’re on the hunt for an IaaS supplier, you’re joining the many businesses that have sought on-demand access to computing resources via the cloud in recent years: The global IaaS market is expected to reach $82.93 billion this year, up from $65.87 billion in 2021, according to a Research and Markets press release. The pandemic and skyrocketing demand for online services and cloud computing solutions have helped make IaaS a hot commodity.

A blue image of a cloud with text that says "Benefits of IaaS" and line segments branching off with text detailing the advantages of infrastructure as a service (flexibility, scalability, lower spending and less downtime).

If you’re currently seeking an IaaS supplier to help your company contain costs and boost efficiency, you’ll want to conduct a careful and thorough search to find a provider capable of meeting all your specific requirements. Here are some of the main factors to research as you consider potential IaaS partners for your organization, according to IBM, CompTIA, and XaaS Journal.

    • Why you’re looking for an IaaS supplier. Think about the primary reason you’re seeking IaaS (e.g., upgraded infrastructure, lower costs, new features, etc.) and ensure the provider you choose can achieve that for your company.
    • Security measures and features: With cybercrime still surging, you’ll want to choose an IaaS supplier that will safeguard your data against evolving IT security Additionally, if your company must comply with industry-specific regulations, your IaaS provider should also.
    • Integration: Consider how smoothly you can mesh each IaaS offering with your organization’s workflows. For instance, if an IaaS solution necessitates utilizing different administration tools or databases with varying user interfaces, the lack of integration could prove cumbersome, according to CompTIA.
    • Computing, storage and cloud functionality: Evaluate each supplier’s capabilities and ensure they can provide everything your team needs.
    • Support services: Ask about each supplier’s customer support services. Is assistance available 24/7, and do they have self-service options?
    • Contract details and fees: Review all contracts carefully and watch out for hidden fees.
    • Experience working with similar organizations: Does the IaaS supplier know the ins and outs of serving companies in your industry? Ask if they have any relevant case studies to share.

These are only some of the details to look into as you search for your ideal IaaS supplier. If you’re like guidance on your buying journey, our trusted technology advisors would be happy to help. We have extensive experience finding the best cloud solutions for businesses and can leverage our extensive partner network, which includes leading IaaS providers. Save yourself time and money by allowing our advisors to vet and demo your options.

Explore our advisory process today by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing sales@stratospherenetworks.com.

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