Tech Tips from the President

15 Cybersecurity Stats Every Business Leader Should See

Cybersecurity concerns have been top-of-mind for many of us in recent days ever since the news broke that Capital One Financial Corp. experienced a major hack, with millions of records exposed. The incident involved the personal information of approximately 106 … Read more >

Why Email Sandboxing Should be Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Last month, Lake City, Florida officials fired a member of their IT staff and announced plans to revamp their whole IT department after a careless click led to a ransomware infection of the city’s whole IT network, according to the … Read more >

How Secure is the Cloud? What You Should Know to Keep Your Data Safe

Are you concerned about how safe your data is in the cloud? If so, you’re far from alone: Most cybersecurity professionals (93 percent) say they’re at least moderately concerned when it comes to public cloud security, according to the 2019 … Read more >

What is a Business Continuity Plan and Why is it Important for My Business?

What would happen to your business if a fire, flood, tornado or another type of disaster struck tonight? If you haven’t taken these steps already, you should have a plan and the right solutions in place to get back up … Read more >

What is Platform as a Service? Your Guide to PaaS and its Business Benefits

As cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular in the business world, we’ve seen the rise of Everything as a Service (XaaS). Vendors now offer all kinds of products – from disaster recovery to security solutions to infrastructure – as services … Read more >

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