How to enhance EX, cut internal support costs by millions

A glowing blue circuit board illustration that reads "AI" in glowing gold letters in the center. Speech bubbles with dots extend from the AI circuit board illustration.As a customer engagement platform provider expanded and hired more employees, the company’s internal IT support team struggled to keep up with the volume of tickets and queries from staff members. Employees became frustrated with slow response times as IT team members grappled with rising stress levels.

The organization turned to an AI solution in our portfolio to automate routine IT support tasks and provide employees with self-service options. The AI integrates with the client’s ticketing system, ServiceNow, as well as Slack, which staff members rely on for internal communications.

Thanks to the Slack integration, employees can interact with the AI conversationally to accomplish tasks like troubleshooting, resetting passwords, and asking for access to applications. The solution can automatically resolve 65 percent of internal support requests, resulting in speedy response times and significantly lightening the IT support team’s workload.

With the new AI solution, the company has achieved over $1 million in annual cost savings and an 83 percent employee satisfaction score (ESAT) improvement.

If you want to enhance the employee experience (EX) at your company while spending less, AI could be the answer for you too. With automation and self-service capabilities, you could cut internal support costs by millions while making your staff’s lives easier.

Here are a few categories from our AI solution portfolio you should consider. If you have 1,000 tickets or more related to a particular workflow (e.g., IT support), you can potentially automate and consolidate tasks that would otherwise take hours, boosting productivity and slashing support spending.

Typically, clients can cut support costs by $3 million or more while hitting a 75 percent auto-resolution rate and boosting ESAT scores by approximately 85 percent.

AI for IT support

An enterprise-grade conversational and generative AI solution can handle routine tickets and tasks for your IT support team. If your techs are overworked and stressed trying to keep up with a constant cascade of repetitive requests, artificial intelligence can save them from burnout and give them time to focus on more complex and engaging projects.

AI for IT support can perform these tasks:

  • Troubleshooting for common issues
  • Resetting passwords
  • Unlocking accounts
  • Automating software provisioning
  • Proactively notifying end users about outages, maintenance, and more

This solution can interact with your employees via digital and voice channels, opening new avenues of self-service.

AI for human resources (HR)

Similar to your IT support team, your HR staffers can get bogged down with frequently asked questions and repetitive requests. Make life easier and less tedious for your human resources department with artificial intelligence.

AI for HR can tackle the following:

  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Managing paid time off (PTO)
  • Enrolling employees in benefits
  • Proactively reminding employees about performance reviews, surveys, required training, and more

AI for facilities

Like the rest of your in-house staff, your facility management team has enough on their plate without having to handle the same mundane queries day in and day out. AI can automate recurring workflows and make everyone’s workdays go smoothly.

AI for facility management can do all of this:

  • Handling requests for on-site maintenance
  • Responding to requests for new access cards
  • Booking conference rooms
  • Tackling equipment orders
  • Delivering policy and facility information
  • Issuing announcements and updates related to maintenance, downtime, planned repairs, and more

If you want to explore your artificial intelligence options, our technology advisors would be happy to help. We have over 20 years of IT industry experience and have helped businesses across numerous industries identify opportunities to deploy AI. Our team can streamline the purchasing process with our detailed comparison matrices, the latest market research, and access to niche offerings.

We can conduct a free AI assessment to reveal ways your business can leverage artificial intelligence to enhance operations, improve EX, and cut costs.

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