Microsoft Office 365 News 11-25-2019: SharePoint Home Sites, Teams Tags and More

microsoft office 365 logo.This week in Microsoft Office 365 happenings, Microsoft announces SharePoint home sites, the addition of tags to Teams for more targeted messaging, and various other new and updated features. Here are the essential details.

New Features

  • New SharePoint home sites
    • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced the introduction of SharePoint home sites.
    • Rollout start: End of November 2019 for Targeted Release customers.
    • Rollout finish: End of January 2020


  • Public preview for sensitivity labels for Teams
    • What’s happening: Microsoft is launching a public preview for Teams Sensitivity Labels. These labels can be applied at a tenant level. When applied to a Team, these labels can regulate public/private settings as well as guest access.
    • Rollout start: Mid-November 2019
    • Rollout finish: End of December 2019


  • Option to block organizational data from Outlook mobile notifications
    • What’s happening: Soon end users will be able to block data from showing up in Outlook mobile email and calendar notifications in order to maintain the confidentiality of organizational information on iOS and Android lock screens.
    • Rollout start: Mid-December 2019


  • Teams Tags
    • What’s happening: Tags are getting added to Microsoft Teams to allow for more targeted communication. Users will be able to message members of a particular tag.
    • Rollout start: Early January 2020
    • Rollout finish: End of March 2020


Updated Features

  • Updated Azure AD end user profile experience
    • What’s happening: Microsoft is turning the Azure AD end user profile experience into a new account management experience called My Account.
    • Rollout start: Early December 2019
    • Rollout finish: End of December 2019
  • Updated PowerApps and SharePoint integration
    • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced updates to the integration of PowerApps and SharePoint libraries.
    • Rollout start: Mid-November 2019
    • Rollout finish: Late November 2019



  • SharePoint Classic usage and popularity reports
    • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced the retirement of classic usage and popularity reports for SharePoint Classic sites. Reports on document libraries, sites, site collections, individual items and folders will no longer be available after the retirement.
    • Retirement date: February 29, 2020

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