4 common misconceptions about call center outsourcing

A blond woman in a dark gray suit and wearing a headset works on a laptop. A network of glowing person icons connected by lines hovers above the laptop, symbolizing a communication network.As companies face pressure to contain costs without compromising quality, business process outsourcing (BPO) services have become increasingly popular. From 2021 to 2025, the global BPO market is expected to expand by $40.16 billion, according to a Technavio Research press release.

It’s clear why a growing number of organizations rely on outsourcing. Finding a reliable BPO partner comes with numerous benefits, including but not limited to the following:

    • Lower costs
    • Higher productivity

As with any product or service, it’s vital to weigh the drawbacks as well as the advantages of outsourcing before you make a final decision. However, it’s also essential to ensure you’re aware of myths floating around about the industry. Here are a few common misconceptions about outsourcing to be mindful of as you consider what’s best for your business, according to the Forbes article “Six Misconceptions About Outsourcing Debunked” and the TechTarget blog “10 myths about outsourcing contact centers.”

A black and white globe with map markers containing people on laptops and headsets, symbolizing call center agents. Text below the globe states that from 2021 to 2025, the global BPO market is expected to expand by $40.16 billion, according to a Technavio Research press release.

1. Business process outsourcing increases your odds of a data

Worrying about data security in today’s age of widespread cybercrime makes sense. However, many call center outsourcing providers have advanced cybersecurity policies and solutions deployed to protect their clients’ data from breaches and hacking. Additionally, if you have regulatory compliance needs, it’s possible to find an outsourcing partner with experience in your industry (e.g., healthcare or financial services).

2. Call center outsourcing means lower quality customer service.

There are numerous BPO providers in the marketplace that off outstanding customer support. Our advisory team has access to a database of over 500 comprehensively vetted U.S.-based nearshore and offshore suppliers. After assessing your business needs, we can connect you with a call center outsourcing partner aligned with your requirements and goals. Additionally, you can pass along training instructions, and ongoing performance monitoring will ensure that the provider you choose meets your expectations.

3. Outsourcing is only beneficial for large companies.

Outsourcing is, in fact, an excellent way for smaller companies with limited resources to gain access to skilled customer service workers without investing the time and funds necessary to maintain an in-house call center.

“It allows you to keep costs under control, increase efficiency and focus on the parts of your business that you actually enjoy and are good at,” Anita Campbell writes in the U.S. Small Business Administration blog entry, “10 Small Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced.”

4. It’s incredibly difficult to find the right outsourcing partner.

Finding your ideal BPO provider doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’d like to streamline the process, our call center outsourcing advisory services can save you a significant amount of time and money. Drawing on extensive contact center industry experience, our technology advisors can identify providers capable of meeting your unique requirements and connect you with top-rated BPO suppliers.

For details, please visit our call center outsourcing advisory services page. You can also explore our advisory process by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing sales@stratospherenetworks.com.

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