7 Common Internet Issues and How to Fix Them

Internet connectionEditor’s note: This blog entry was updated on October 25, 2021.

The Internet is a unique framework we use in our daily lives. Both our professional and personal lives are tied to its functionality. As a result, when this functionality is disrupted, a lot of setbacks can occur. It also doesn’t help that potential Internet issues are as numerous as they are confusing, especially to those who aren’t IT experts.

Fortunately, Internet connectivity issues are generally common and have simple solutions. We’ve got a few here to help you troubleshoot and hopefully resolve any errors you encounter.

1. Slow connections. Everything seems to be working, then suddenly Web pages start to take longer to load. Pictures don’t process as fast and streaming material becomes next to impossible. What happened?

Slow connections are common and, unless you have software that measures your current speed, you might not know what’s going on. But if you’re experiencing a slowdown, chances data is just being used up by another person or process. In other cases, if you’re using wireless, you might be too far from the router.

Take the time to check for active downloads, and make sure that if others are using the network they’re only using a bare bones process.

2. Excessive pop-ups. While they’re not directly related to connectivity, pop-ups are bothersome in their own right. No one likes visiting a Web page only to be bombarded with random ads for things they don’t care about. Additionally, these nasty ads can slap adware on your system along with trackers, draining performance and spying on your activity.

A good way to circumvent this is utilizing browser extensions like NoScript or AdBlock.

3. No Internet. You’re connected via cable or WiFi, and yet you can’t seem to get Internet service.

This issue occurs frequently for a range of reasons. One of the fixes is to just unplug the router, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back into the wall. Sometimes a total reset will resolve everything.

In other cases, the Internet goes down because of a service outage, in which case you’ll have to wait for your ISP to address the issue.

4. Everything is sluggish. The slowness no longer pertains to just your Internet; now the whole PC is having issues. In this instance, it’s likely you have malware, and you need to address that immediately. Trustworthy programs and managed security services and solutions can help work against malware, and keep both your Internet and PC running smoothly.

5. DNS resolution errors. A device needs an IP address to connect to the Web, which is usually “leased” by a modem/router. However, if you have a new modem, you might notice a DNS error when trying to load pages. This is most likely because of a faulty IP, and you’ll need to configure a new one.

In Internet settings from your control panel, you can select the IPv4 connection and check/uncheck auto or manual IP resolution.

6. Wireless access points (WAPs) that aren’t compatible with Wi-Fi 6. The next generation of Wi-Fi technology can deliver greater speed, increased network capacity, and more throughout, among other benefits. However, you can’t benefit from Wi-Fi 6 without compatible WAPs and data switching infrastructure. Upgrade your equipment to ensure it’s compatible with the latest standard.

7. Infrastructure that doesn’t support high-speed internet. Greater bandwidth has become a necessity in today’s increasingly digital world as businesses leverage the cloud and wireless devices. Upgrade your IT infrastructure to multi-gigabit technology to achieve better end-to-end throughput and accommodate equipment (e.g., Wi-Fi 6 access points and Internet of Things devices) that needs speeds over 1Gbps.

Internet problems are never fun, but the bright side is that most of us have experienced them at some point, so there are plenty of readily available solutions.

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