5 key cloud phone system benefits for transportation companies

View of a semi truck driving toward the setting sun on a highway.A Fortune 500 transportation company with over 40,000 employees and nearly 800 locations decided to swap their legacy phone system for a modern Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform. Their on-site PBX was outdated, expensive to maintain and upgrade, and made it challenging for callers to connect with the right person on the first try.

The company turned to one of our partners for a cloud phone system. After deploying the new solution, the client achieved reduced telecom costs and better customer service thanks to automated greetings, phone menus, and flexible workflows, among other features. Staff members can also access the cloud phone system via a mobile application to stay in touch from anywhere.

That case study is just one example of how transportation and logistics businesses can enhance operations by migrating to UCaaS. If you’re in the industry and considering replacing your on-site PBX, here are the top cloud phone system benefits for companies like yours, according to our partners and technology consultants.

1. Greater mobility and faster communication.

In the transportation industry, older phone systems can make it difficult for drivers and remote workers to communicate with customers and coworkers. That leads to slower decision-making. A cloud phone system accessible via a mobile application will facilitate more efficient collaboration. Our partner mentioned earlier in this blog entry increases mobility by 70 percent on average.

2. Increased scalability.

Adding and removing end users is much easier when you have a cloud phone system in place. That makes UCaaS advantageous if your company is growing or experiences seasonal fluctuations in demand and staffing.

3. Lower turnover rate.

Outdated technology can frustrate employees and lead them to look for other positions. G2’s 2019 State of Software Happiness Report found that approximately a quarter of the workers polled had thought about switching jobs due to dissatisfaction with the software at their current place of employment. Updating to a modern communications solution can boost retention rates by improving the employee experience.

4. Better customer experiences.

With a cloud phone system in place, drivers and other workers throughout your organization can communicate the status of shipments more efficiently and provide customers with more accurate estimated delivery times. UCaaS software with advanced routing features also makes it easier for clients to reach the right person on the first try, as mentioned at the beginning of this blog entry.

5. Greater reliability.

A unified communications solution supported by a robust cloud-based networking infrastructure offers more reliability and redundancy than an older on-site PBX. For instance, in the event of a disaster, your on-site PBX might go down, but a cloud solution would still function since it’s not hosted on-premises.

A silhouette of a person standing with their hands on their hips considering various diverging paths represented by blue arrows. Below this illustration, text states that 86 percent of organizations surveyed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services agree that frontline employees need better technology to make well-informed time-sensitive decisions.
Our consultants would be happy to help if you want to explore your cloud phone system options. We have extensive experience identifying the best UCaaS software for our clients based on their needs and goals. With access to advanced tools and our extensive partner network, we can streamline purchasing with objective comparison matrices and other exclusive data and insights. Additionally, once you’ve decided on a solution, we can ensure the deployment goes smoothly with project management and white-glove implementation services.

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