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6.5M LinkedIn passwords compromised

On the Internet you have very little privacy. One thing that’s private, or should be, are your passwords. Many business managers know this, and go to great lengths to ensure that their passwords are secure. Yet there are times when … Read more >

Apps make Office play nice on tablets

When the Android OS was introduced, it had a lot of catching up to do and faced stiff competition. Fast forward a few years, and it’s now the most popular OS, partly in part due to some excellent tablets. Companies … Read more >

Shortcuts lead to Office 365 happiness

The pointing device, or mouse, is one of the integral parts of our computer platform. Without it, we would have a tough time navigating today’s complicated software. While the mouse is useful in office suites like Microsoft Office 365, there … Read more >

Don’t hire a function, virtualize it

Do you have an assistant in your business? Someone to take care of day-to-day functions so you can take care of running the business? No? Why not? Small business owners will typically answer this question by noting that they can’t … Read more >

Breathe new life into your older iPhone

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that the iPhone you bought two years ago is now considered horribly outdated, old-school even. With the technology updates to the OS, older iPhones are starting to appear to run slower. It … Read more >

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