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Breathe new life into your older iPhone

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that the iPhone you bought two years ago is now considered horribly outdated, old-school even. With the technology updates to the OS, older iPhones are starting to appear to run slower. It … Read more >

Argument? Use Google to find the answer

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the incredible amount of information at our fingertips. Want to know the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? You can easily find out by going to Google and searching for it. … Read more >

Are tablet specifications confusing you?

“AMOLED”, “1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor” these are just two specifications that Android tablet manufacturers use to attract customers. To the unwary buyer, these numbers and words sound top of the line when they sometimes aren’t. It’s important, when buying an … Read more >

Beware! Your network may not be secure

Everywhere you look business owners are inundated by issues pulling their attention in a multitude of directions. One issue almost every owner has managed to get under control is network security. These businesses are secure from external threats and because … Read more >

Ensure security of your phone

At the office we’ve become paranoid about keeping our computers secure. Many companies use security devices and passwords to ensure their data is safe. The same can’t be said for smartphones. Many of us take no, or, at the very … Read more >

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