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IT is Key to Patient-Centered Care

The key to patient-centered care – a concept that continues to evolve – is the relationship between physician and patient. Finding the balance between patient engagement and information technology, however, can be challenging. IT has benefited healthcare practices in many … Read more >

Office 365 Saves You From Business Cards

One business tool that’s been slow to keep up with technology is the business card. If you were to look around your office there’s a high probability you have an abundance of them. A problem starts to arise when we … Read more >

Google Makes Science Fiction a Reality

Google is a company well known for their innovative online products. Their first foray into the physical world with Android has been met with wild success. Google has now introduced the next evolution in physical products that combine all of … Read more >

Together: Harder/Better/Faster/Stronger

Collaboration is all around us. We see it on a daily basis in both our personal and professional lives. At work we cooperate with colleagues, managers, suppliers, customers and almost everyone we come in contact with at the office. It’s … Read more >

Benefits of Virtualization

Companies and employees both benefit from the ability to work remotely. Companies who rely only on traditional means of doing business are restricting themselves to the confines of business hours and individual work locations. Even if a client does get … Read more >

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