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5 Tips to Use Excel More Efficiently

Are you gunning for a raise or a promotion? Maybe you only want to stand out for job security. In either case, this can be accomplished by impressing your boss, but how? What about Excel? The majority of us, no … Read more >

Protect Your Data by Being Aware of Security Challenges

Technology is always changing and adapting. So, unfortunately, are cyber-criminals. MIT’s Technology Review website not long ago presented its list of the biggest technology security hazards of 2012. If you spend much of your life surfing the web or communicating … Read more >

The Development of the Computer

What would existence be like with no computer? It’s difficult to imagine but it wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have them. Now many of us carry multiple computers, i.e. laptops, e-readers, and smartphones.   How did computers grow … Read more >

The Connected Car: Good or Bad

As the planet gets to be more connected so do our cars. Cars such as the Audi A6, Ford Edge, and the Lincoln MKX allow people to browse the Web while in their front seat. People are now able to, … Read more >

Nanotechnology in Our World

You hear the term “nanotechnology,” and what do you think of? Sci-fi, maybe robots, something along those lines? In reality, nanotechnology is making life less difficult for everyone. At its core, nanotechnology is the science of dealing with matter on … Read more >

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