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The Connected Car: Good or Bad

As the planet gets to be more connected so do our cars. Cars such as the Audi A6, Ford Edge, and the Lincoln MKX allow people to browse the Web while in their front seat. People are now able to, … Read more >

Nanotechnology in Our World

You hear the term “nanotechnology,” and what do you think of? Sci-fi, maybe robots, something along those lines? In reality, nanotechnology is making life less difficult for everyone. At its core, nanotechnology is the science of dealing with matter on … Read more >

Learn about Google: Solve for X

We all know there are big problems in the world today; debt crises, illiteracy, climate change, are just a few. Google has created a team to generate radical ideas to find remedies for the world’s biggest problems, and they call … Read more >

Workplace Creativity: Benefits

Do you run a workplace in which staff members feel free to express new ideas? Do your workers come to you with new plans or solutions about how to run company meetings more efficiently? Have your employees ever provided ideas … Read more >

Why You Should Care About Pinterest

Are you just becoming accustomed to the idea of social media? Well here comes another that’s growing in popularity: Pinterest. One thing that is different about Pinterest is that it focuses less on updates about the day-to-day and more on … Read more >

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