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Voice Tech for the Warehouse

Most of us have a voice, and we know how to use it. It’s one of the first things we learn after we are born. If this is one of the simplest things in human nature, why are voice controlled … Read more >

Making your Pinterest Interesting

The thing about the social media boom is that so many people are thinking of ways to make it better and to put a unique twist on an otherwise used and reused concept. Pinterest is one of the few that … Read more >

500 Million Tweeters Tweeting Tweets

In late February 2012, Twitter hit 500 million users. This milestone has cemented Twitter as a major Social Media player. With this large user base, companies should be seriously considering integrating twitter with their marketing strategies. Benefits of integration include … Read more >

Use Caution in Social Media

For many businesses, it’s hard to draw the line between what they can and cannot do when it comes to social media. And while social media use can help boost a business’s growth, it can also impair growth when it’s … Read more >

5 Tips to Use Excel More Efficiently

Are you gunning for a raise or a promotion? Maybe you only want to stand out for job security. In either case, this can be accomplished by impressing your boss, but how? What about Excel? The majority of us, no … Read more >

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