Tech Tips from the President

Microsoft Office 365 News 08-26-2020: End of Support Date Announced for Internet Explorer 11

In Microsoft Office 365 news this week, Microsoft announced that its 365 apps and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) by this time next year. The supplier also revealed plans for a new Teams meeting pre-join … Read more >

Microsoft 365 Spotlight Series: Microsoft Exchange Online Offers Secure Email Access From Anywhere

Welcome back to our Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Spotlight series. As many of us continue to work from home, the Microsoft 365 suite remains a valuable tool for organizations across all industries looking to promote productivity and facilitate collaboration … Read more >

Will Your Managed Service Provider Survive COVID-19?

Aside from those who sell sweatpants and hand sanitizer, most companies are experiencing some economic stress related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is particularly true for small businesses with fewer resources available to help them weather the recession: 37.7 … Read more >

COVID-19 and Zero-Trust Architecture: Why This Framework Makes More Sense Than Ever Post-Pandemic

At this point, with case numbers rising and no clear end in sight, it’s apparent that we’ll be dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for a while yet. That means working from home has become a longer term and potentially permanent … Read more >

Microsoft Office 365 News 08-13-2020: Microsoft Retires OneDrive Web Discover View

In Microsoft Office 365 news this week, Microsoft announced the retirement of the OneDrive web Discover view, in addition to the introduction of PIN verification for support callers and other new features and updates. New Features PIN verification for support … Read more >

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