Tech Tips from the President

Microsoft Office 365 News 01-14-2020: Updates to Outlook, SharePoint and More

This week’s Microsoft Office 365 news includes Sticky Notes syncing with Outlook on the Web, Outlook for iOS providing support for automatic certificate delivery for Secure Multipurpose Internal Mail Extensions, and more. New Features Use Power Automate for approval of … Read more >

How to Improve Your IT Security With Regular Penetration Testing

Maintaining the strongest possible defenses against cybercrime has become an ongoing challenge and top priority for all kinds of businesses as hackers continue to successfully breach corporate networks at an alarming rate. In the first six months of 2019 alone, … Read more >

Microsoft Office 365 News 01-07-2020: Updates to Teams, Outlook for Android, Yammer and More

In our first Microsoft Office 365 news roundup of 2020, we cover updates and new features related to Outlook for Android, Teams, Yammer and Kaizala. See below for details. New Features Discover Office files for Outlook for Android What’s happening: … Read more >

The Business Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Humanity has long been fascinated by the potential Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to transform our lives, as evidenced by the many depictions of artificial minds interacting with organic ones on TV and in movies (from Luke’s pals R2-D2 and C-3PO … Read more >

4 IT Resolutions for 2020

With the new year about to begin, many of us are probably reflecting on 2019 and thinking of ways to improve our lives in 2020. New Year’s resolutions are often personal, but it can also be helpful to come up … Read more >

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