How to Get the Most Out of Your Investment in Cisco Meraki Solutions

Cisco Meraki logo.New technologies like the cloud have created opportunities for businesses to revamp how they operate and digitally transform, leveraging advanced IT tools to save time and money, stand out from the competition and achieve their professional objectives. Cisco Meraki – one of our partners and a leading provider of cloud-managed IT solutions – is one vendor that caters to organizations searching for advanced products and services with capabilities vital to success in the digital age.

Why Businesses Choose Cisco Meraki

Meraki – which was founded in 2006 and acquired by Cisco in 2012 – aims to help businesses of all sizes (from SMBs to worldwide enterprises) streamline the deployment of digital projects, contain costs and operate more efficiently. Currently, Meraki has more than 5.7 million devices online and upwards of 2 million active networks globally.

Meraki devices are designed for centralized cloud-based management: End users can deploy, monitor and manage all products through the supplier’s online dashboard or by using APIs. Meraki’s portfolio of cloud-managed offerings includes the following:

  • Wireless LAN
  • Wireless WAN
  • Endpoint management
  • Security appliances
  • SD-WAN
  • Access switches
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • And more

For more information, please visit our Meraki Networking page.

Cisco Meraki cloud networking solutions appeal to many organizations due to their many advantages, including the following:

  • Access to complete out-of-the-box feature sets for Meraki products, with new features continually added.
  • Constant addition of new features/software-centric, ongoing “feature velocity.”
  • Provision of a secure platform compatible with most mobile devices for secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) arrangements.
  • Automatic generation of “hardware fingerprints” through immediate identification and classification of all connected devices.
  • Option for customized network deployments
  • Automatic malware scanning for all connected devices and disconnection of infected devices.

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The Importance of Comprehensive Support for Your Meraki Solutions

Whenever you invest in any IT solution, high-quality and thorough support  is essential if you want to maximize your ROI. Our team of expert techs – operating from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) in Evanston – have extensive experience working with Meraki products and can assist you with deployments and ongoing support. Our Certified Meraki Network Associates can ensure you get the most out of your IT solutions and help you leverage these leading cloud networking products to optimize operations and achieve your professional objectives.

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