Microsoft Office 365 News 12-03-2019: New Message Encryption Features and SharePoint Updates

microsoft office 365 logo.This week’s Microsoft Office 365 news includes updates to SharePoint lists and team sites, message encryption updates, and more. Here are all of the Office 365 developments that you should know about this week.

New Features

  • Office 365 Message Encryption (OME)
    • What’s happening: Microsoft will soon introduce new features to OME for improved email authenticity.
    • Rollout start: Early January 2020
    • Rollout finish: Feb. 1, 2020

Updated Features

  • Next Steps panel for SharePoint team sites
    • What’s happening: For SharePoint team sites, Microsoft is updating the in-product help located at the top right.
    • Rollout start: Mid-December 2019
    • Rollout finish: End of January 2020
  • Updated SharePoint lists
    • What’s happening: The way lists look and function will be updated in line with the modern SharePoint experience.
    • Rollout start: Late November 2019
    • Rollout finish: Early December 2019

Configuration Changes

  • Updates to Exchange Online Protection (EOP) Settings
    • What’s happening: Microsoft plans to make changes to users’ default EOP settings on December 9, 2019.

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