Microsoft 365 News 03-11-2021: Exchange Online Adds External Email Message Tags

Microsoft sign at the entrance of a building at Redmond corporate headquarters.In Microsoft 365 news this week, Exchange Online is helping combat phishing and spam with the addition of tags for external email messages. Keep reading to learn about other new features and updates to Microsoft 365 apps.

New Features

    • New Planner container type
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is introducing Roster containers in Planner. This new container type is a simple list of members stored in Planner and will make it possible to create plans independent of an M365 group.
    • WebView2 Runtime installation on devices running Microsoft 365 applications
      • What’s happening: WebView2 Runtime must be installed on devices running Office in order for end users to utilize features that need Microsoft Edge WebView2, such as Meeting Insights and the Room Finder in Outlook. WebView2 leverages Edge to render web-based features in desktop apps, ensuring a consistent experience for end users across platforms.
    • Insights app in Teams: Personal well-being insights
      • What’s happening: The Insights app in Teams is introducing personal well-being insights – such as suggestions for breathing breaks and sending praise to colleagues – to help end users balance health and productivity.
    • Tags for external messages in Exchange Online
      • What’s happening: Exchange Online is enhancing anti-spam and anti-phishing protections with tags for external email messages. This feature is available in Outlook on the web, Outlook mobile (iOS and Android) and the new Outlook for Mac.
    • Bookmarks for PDFs in OneDrive Android
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is making it easier for end users to mark their place when reading a PDF document in the OneDrive mobile app for Android.
    • Transfer Teams calls between different devices
      • What’s happening: The new Teams release will give end users the capability to transfer VoIP, PSTN or Group calls from one device to another.
    • Dynamic view for Teams
      • What’s happening: Microsoft Teams end users will soon have access to Dynamic view, an enhanced meeting stage meant to offer an optimized experience for engaging with meeting participants via video and audio and viewing shared content.
    • Outlook Mobile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
      • What’s happening: Outlook Mobile app end users will soon be able to easily access answers to the most frequently asked questions about Outlook. This feature will be accessible via Settings > Help & Feedback > FAQs.
    • GoLocal support enablement for Live Events
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is enabling GoLocal support in March 2021 for Live Events in the following locations: United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Germany and South Korea.
    • Page rotation for PDF viewing in OneDrive for Android
      • What’s happening: The OneDrive Android app will soon allow for page orientation rotation when viewing PDFs.
    • Code matching for MFA
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced the implementation of Code Match for Multi-Factor Authentication for Android and iOS. You’ll have the ability to switch on code matching for the Microsoft Authenticator app and apply it to certain groups and end users.

Updated Features

    • Updated Advanced eDiscovery user interface (UI)
      • What’s happening: In early April 2021, Microsoft plans to update the Advanced eDiscovery UI for review sets.
    • Redesigned Yammer Discovery and Digest emails
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is enhancing Digest and Discovery emails in Yammer.
    • Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has issued updates to Microsoft 365 Apps for the Current Channel.
    • Streamlined sharing in Microsoft Forms
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is separating the sharing process to streamline the procedure of sharing a form with respondents or with a collaborator.


    • Conglomerate branding available for global admins
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced the introduction of conglomerate branding, which allows you to leverage Microsoft 365 Groups in the Microsoft 365 global admin center to define multiple themes within an organization.
    • No support for new bank accounts
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced that there is no longer support for new bank accounts for tenants in the U.S., France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg. The supplier intends to remove bank accounts as a payment method from all portals including Microsoft 365 admin center. As a result, you can no longer add new bank accounts or change an existing bank account payment method at this time.
    • Delve mobile retirement
      • What’s happening: Microsoft plans to retire Delve mobile for Android and iOS effective June 1, 2021. The supplier recommends relying on Outlook Mobile instead.
    • Reminder: Skype for Business to retire July 31, 2021
      • What’s happening: Last year, Microsoft announced the planned retirement of Skype for Business, which Teams has replaced as the main communications app for Microsoft 365. The Skype consumer service and Skype for Business Server products won’t be impacted by the retirement.
    • External XSLT file support retirement in DataFormWebPart
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to retire support for external XSLP files in DataFormWebPart and its subclasses to improve service reliability and data integrity. Only classic SharePoint pages will be affected by the retirement.
    • Consolidation of Microsoft 365 Defender services communications
      • What’s happening: Microsoft plans to consolidate communications about Microsoft 365 Defender services via the service listing “Microsoft 365 Defender.” This will involve the removal of the service listing for “Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.”
    • Dynamics 365 Home page retirement
      • What’s happening: Microsoft plans to retire the Dynamics 365 Home page effective April 1, 2021. The Dynamics 365 icon will no longer appear in the Office 365 application launcher or the Office 365 applications list. You’ll need to go directly to
    • Delayed rollout for Outlook on the web message reminders
      • What’s happening: Microsoft previously announced plans to deploy a message reminder feature in Outlook on the web to help end users remember to follow up on emails. Based on the results of early rings, the supplier has decided to pause the rollout and alter the code before proceeding to ensure the best possible user experience.
    • Delayed rollout for Outlook reactions and new notification experience
      • What’s happening: Microsoft previously announced plans to implement a new notification experience and reactions to email messages in Outlook. Based on initial feedback, the supplier has decided not to move forward with the deployment as originally outlined and is currently evaluating changes.
    • Prioritization rules for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for customer service
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to enhance the customization of priority levels with the enablement of Prioritization rules for work items utilized in agent assignments. The supplier will also change the name of the “Priority” field to “Group number.”

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