Tech Talks: Improve CX and stop escalations with support experience software

Close up of a person's hands as they use a smartphone lying on a table, with stars hovering to symbolize a review. In order to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients, we need to stay up to speed with the latest IT trends and solutions. To achieve that, our team of IT experts attends weekly training sessions conducted by various IT solution providers. Based on our extensive experience and sales volume with the suppliers, we receive exclusive, direct and usually in-person training from these suppliers. Our Tech Talks blog series offers a snapshot of these educational sessions.

In 2020, an automated data integration provider saw rapid growth and needed to find a way to maintain high-quality customer service while also rapidly expanding its support team. To gain thorough real-time insights into customer sentiment, the company decided to implement a support experience platform from one of our trusted partners.

With the power of sentiment analysis for customer interactions, the data integration provider had the information needed to effectively address clients’ concerns and deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX). The company boosted its customer satisfaction score (CSAT) from 90 percent to 95 percent and reduced client churn by 25 percent.

If you’re searching for a way to improve CX and prevent support ticket escalations, you should consider this supplier’s software. Our trusted technology advisors recently met with the provider’s sales team to discuss the platform and the many ways in which it can help businesses enhance customer service and stand out in a world where CX increasingly matters more than anything else. Here’s what you should know about this cutting-edge solution for better support experiences.

Provider overview

This California-based company launched in 2016 and provides its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to businesses that want to build and maintain strong relationships with customers through AI-powered sentiment analysis. The supplier’s founders noted that many ticketing platforms focused on metadata and failed to mine the unstructured data contained in support tickets. The support experience platform draws on that data to provide unprecedented visibility into customers’ feelings toward your company.

Featured offering: Support experience software

Historically, customer support has involved running around putting out fires. Dealing with support issues after they escalate is costly and time-consuming for your business. With this support experience software (built on Google Cloud, with a virtual private cloud for each client), natural language processing for customer interactions can raise the alarm early and help you stop escalations before they start.

In addition to the ability to predict and prevent escalation, the platform offers the following features:

  • AI-powered automatic case assignment
  • Backlog management via signals such as sentiment score, case score and case age
  • Account health metrics, including pending engineering and product issues, escalations and outstanding tickets
  • Real-time agent coaching and guidance
  • Product trend insights
  • Integration with ticketing systems, collaboration platforms, and single sign-on solutions
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Zendesk
    • Salesforce
    • ServiceNow
    • Freshdesk

If you’d like to learn more about CX-enhancing solutions from this supplier and others in our partner network, our advisors can leverage their extensive experience and advanced tools to efficiently identify the best options for your business. We can quickly produce side-by-side comparison matrices showing how all your options stack up against each other. Additionally, working with us won’t cost you more than going straight to the supplier because of our price parity guarantee.

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