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The Benefits of Online Collaboration

When you run an online company with team members from various areas, online collaboration can be very useful. It may cost more for others to drive somewhere else to meet and often it is difficult to gather people to come … Read more >

The Growing Popularity of Music-Streaming Services

Many of us get our entertainment, news, and pay our bills online. So, it’s not a shock that we access our music over the Internet as well. Many individuals subscribe to on-line music-streaming services that are either free or cost … Read more >

Top 10 Reasons to Use Virtualization

Virtualization refers to the ability to run software designed for different operating systems on the same machine without the need to dual-boot. Instead, several operating systems can be run on a single machine using virtualization software, each having their own … Read more >

The Kinect: A Home Run for Microsoft

Remember when Windows was considered cool? It’s been a long time. Nevertheless, the Kinect – a motion and voice-sensing device initially meant as a clever feature for the Xbox gaming console – may help Windows regain its long-lost coolness quotient. … Read more >

The Benefits of Virtual Desktops

When you are away from your own personal computer, using a virtual desktop can be very useful. Using a virtual desktop allows you to use programs and files that are found on your own computer’s hard-drive on another compatible system. … Read more >

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