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Microsoft Office 365 News 06-12-2020: New Features for Microsoft Stream, Teams Mobile and More

In Microsoft Office 365 news this week, the supplier introduces noise suppression for recorded videos in Microsoft Stream, suggested replies for Teams mobile, Yammer mobile video sharing, and more new and updated features. New Features SharePoint Auto-News Email What’s happening: … Read more >

Do Workers Really Need to Return to the Office When They Have Access to the Cloud?

Even before the pandemic turned everyone’s lives upside down, the cloud already had a significant impact on the business world. As of last year, 94 percent of organizations already used the cloud in some form or another, according to the … Read more >

4 Ways to Cut Your IT Costs

In the months since the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) a “public health emergency of international concern” in January, the virus has affected millions of people, killed hundreds of thousands and spurred a global economic … Read more >

Remote Work Resource Roundup: 9 Blog Entries for Business Leaders Navigating the New Normal

Although all 50 states have at least started the process of reopening their economies following the widespread shutdowns spurred by the pandemic, many Americans are still doing their jobs from home. From mid-March to mid-April, the portion of employed adults … Read more >

Microsoft Office 365 News 05-27-2020: Updates to SharePoint Quick Edit Features, Default Site Theme

In Microsoft Office 365 news this week, Microsoft announces updates to Quick Edit features and the default site theme for SharePoint. Additionally, contextual search and third-party single sign-on are coming to Teams, along with other updates. New Features Microsoft Stream … Read more >

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