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IT Managed Services: 4 Signs You Need a New Managed Service Provider

If your company has ongoing IT-based business objectives that it outsources to a provider of managed IT services, there may never come a time when you don’t need a provider’s services, but there may come a time when need to … Read more >

IT Support Chicago: Four Common Disasters That Destroy IT Networks

When we discuss the need for companies to have a disaster recovery plan for the sake of quickly getting the IT network up and running again, we often focus on disasters of significant proportion, such as large earthquakes, towering tsunamis, … Read more >

IT Support for Chicago Business: Protecting Against Internal Data Theft

When they implement a data security solution, most companies are primarily concerned with data breaches that come from outside of the IT network. A hacker or a team of hackers breaks past the firewall and starts downloading data — information … Read more >

Four Myths about Migrating to the Cloud

  With more and more businesses turning to the cloud services, there are still some people out there who believe in several myths related to the cloud storage services. These myths arise from within, where the fear resides, the fear … Read more >

What is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is often defined as internal projects such as cloud solutions that people manage and utilize without the knowledge of the IT department, according to McAfee. It also refers to simply any unauthorized uses of technology. The trend began with … Read more >

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