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Chicago IT Support: 4 Signs You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

In the IT world, disaster recovery helps protect companies against the financial fallout from disasters that destroy or temporarily incapacitate the IT network. Many businesses that experience such a catastrophe go out of business shortly thereafter due to data loss … Read more >

Managed Services Chicago: 4 Managed Services That Save Money

In the IT industry, managed services are IT-related functions that are primarily marketed toward companies that lack the in-house IT capacity to manage their full range of IT-based requirements. If your company is a good candidate for managed services, there … Read more >

Chicago IT Support: 4 Ways Companies Use Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring is a general term that refers to overseeing the technical operation of an IT network or one of its parts. Chicago-based companies without in-house IT departments often outsource the discipline to a Chicago IT support provider. However, not … Read more >

Desktop IT Support Chicago: Problems Third-Party Support Helps Prevent

To outsource or to insource? When it comes to receiving desktop IT support, that is the question for many companies. Not so long ago, most desktop support operations were performed in-house, but that was before the software as a service … Read more >

The Benefits of Meraki: 5 Reasons to Consider Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking

On December 4, Stratosphere Networks and Cisco Meraki hosted a lunch ‘n learn event at the Cisco Experience Center in Rosemont, Illinois to demonstrate the features and benefits of the Meraki platform. Meraki was created for cloud networking and has … Read more >

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