IT Tips

5 Reasons You Need an IT Security Risk Assessment Today

Whether you run a small business or a large organization, the need for an IT security risk assessment cannot be ignored. Many people don’t conduct security risk assessments, which increases the likelihood that they’ll experience a data breach. If you … Read more >

New Year, New Budget: How to Optimize IT Spending in 2018

It is customary for any functional business to draw up annual budgets for operational purposes. And as far as different departments are concerned, the duty generally falls on the head of each to implement and execute the budget. The planning … Read more >

10 Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

  Technology isn’t slowing down. In fact, it’s changing at a rapid pace. It’s deeply intertwined with our personal and professional lives. Now, with the new year in progress, advancements are on the way, and there are plenty of things … Read more >

Why Your Business Should Consider a Software-Defined Security Program

Ensuring network security is a fundamental part of a safe work environment. There are a variety of tools and methods to deploy to reach this level of safety, all of which have their own set of benefits. One of them … Read more >

5 Common Security Mistakes That Can Cause a Data Breach

No company likes the words “data breach” because they signal a serious problem. It also means the organization will have to spend time in recovery mode, which is costly, along with assessing how much damage was done to their digital … Read more >

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