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5 Big Data Trends for 2016

As we find ourselves approaching the second quarter of 2016, the introduction of new technology continues to rise. A majority of this will be centralized on data, the sharing and analyzation of information in the business/consumer world. Making effective use … Read more >

5 Things to Know About Fiber Internet

The Internet has brought the world together with accessible information like never before. Virtually anything can be found with the click of a button. A history page, a street view of a city, images of different planets, exchanges of ideas, … Read more >

6 Back to School Apps for Students

Whether you’re returning to finish out high school, are just starting college or getting back in the throes of higher college education, students face dozens of hurdles throughout academia. Fortunately, the modern world has brought us a lot of great … Read more >

Technology Tips for SMBs

Technology is always changing, and as a small/medium size business it may be confusing as to how you can optimize technology to its fullest without breaking the bank. Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, because we have some tips … Read more >

Spotify Will Now Be Available for Your Uber Ride

Uber and Spotify have teamed up to bring passengers a more personalized traveling experience. Now, Uber users can pick their Spotify playlist to listen to while in an Uber car. The partnership was announced last Monday by Uber CEO Travis … Read more >

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