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Beware of These Recent Scams

Police in the Chicagoland suburbs are reporting more and more incidents of residents being scammed. The scams are usually fake phone calls with the caller asking for some sort of money transfer or claiming to be from Microsoft. Elderly residents … Read more >

BlackBerry Announces New Passport Phone

Last Monday, BlackBerry announced its newest smartphone, the Passport. This announcement comes just two weeks after Apple introduced its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones along with the updated iOS 8 software and Apple Watch product line. Passport is … Read more >

New Policy for Facebook Messenger Sparks Skepticism

 Facebook users are expressing skepticism over Facebook’s new policy regarding its Messenger app. The company has announced that users must download the app in order to continue seeing and sending messages via Facebook. The … Read more >

How to Avoid Being Scammed While Traveling

Nothing can ruin a vacation like being scammed. Whether you’re on a trip for business or pleasure, it’s important to be observant and watch out for online/telemarketing scams. Here are a few common scams that can happen on vacation, as … Read more >

Meraki 4th Quarter Update

Meraki and Cisco hosted a fourth quarter update on July 7, 2014. Meraki made a few exciting announcements, including exponential sales growth, new partnerships and updated security  features. Since partnering with Cisco, Meraki has experienced a huge increase in sales growth. The … Read more >

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