Tech Tips from the President

Choosing an SD-WAN solution provider: 11 factors to consider

When one of our clients decided to replace their on-premises PBX with a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, they wanted to ensure the highest possible level of voice quality across all locations. To achieve that, the company decided … Read more >

Disadvantages and advantages of multi-cloud

Most of us have heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” In the business world, many organizations have found that two (or more) clouds are better than one. A strategy that involves leveraging multiple public clouds – a.k.a., … Read more >

Fractional CIO vs. in-house CIO: How to decide which is best for your business

Serving on a company’s executive leadership team and working part-time might sound like a paradox. However, those two factors go hand-in-hand for professionals in a particular role: Fractional CIOs. In today’s world, investing in new technologies and digital transformation is … Read more >

How to identify the best fiber internet provider for your business

Are you getting enough fiber – not in terms of your diet but concerning your company’s internet? As businesses have adopted advanced technologies like the cloud as part of digital transformation efforts, high-speed internet has become vital for survival and … Read more >

How to find the right call center outsourcing provider

Regarding customer experience (CX), your call center agents are on the front lines. They work to resolve clients’ issues, inspire loyalty, and build strong relationships that support long-term success for your company. However, finding and retaining talented call center workers … Read more >

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