Microsoft 365 Spotlight Series: Microsoft Exchange Online Offers Secure Email Access From Anywhere

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Welcome back to our Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Spotlight series. As many of us continue to work from home, the Microsoft 365 suite remains a valuable tool for organizations across all industries looking to promote productivity and facilitate collaboration while empowering distributed teams.

In previous entries in this series, we’ve covered the following Microsoft 365 applications:

In this entry, we’ll explore the features and business benefits of Microsoft Exchange Online, a hosted email and calendaring service.

Microsoft Exchange Online Overview

This cloud-based service gives your business easy-to-manage professional email and calendaring capabilities. There is an on-premise version called Exchange Server 2019, and hybrid deployments are also possible, depending on your organization’s needs and objectives. However, in this blog entry, we’ll focus on the cloud-delivered version.

Typically, businesses use Exchange in conjunction with an email client (usually Outlook). Your mailbox is hosted on the Exchange server, according to Microsoft. Additionally, the server stores your calendar and contacts.

7 Essential Exchange Features You Should Know About

Exchange Online leverages the power of the cloud to give your team the ability to get their work done from anywhere via hosted email and calendar functions. Some key features that streamline operations and promote productivity include the following:

  1. Next-gen security controls, including anti-spam and anti-malware filtering to keep malicious messages out of your inbox. Exchange Online also includes advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities to stop end users from mistakenly sending out sensitive data.
  2. An extremely high level of reliability, with 99.99 percent guaranteed uptime and a financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  3. Automatic patching to keep everything up-to-date and minimize the time and effort required for maintenance
  4. The ability to access your contacts, calendar and email from all major browsers and with any device
  5. Complete integration with Outlook for a familiar user experience
  6. A web-based admin center with an intuitive interface for easy and efficient management
  7. An in-place archive option so end users can maintain vital data in one centralized location

These are just some of the notable abilities and advantages this app offers Microsoft 365 clients. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Exchange Online and the Microsoft 365 suite in general, our techs have extensive experience working with Microsoft 365 apps and would be happy to assist you. Just give us a call at 877-599-3999 or email

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