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6 Gadgets to Include on Your 2016 Holiday Wish List

It’s almost time for carols, lights, and holiday decor to take over the winter aesthetic. As December begins, everyone is bundling up, decorating, and getting into the holiday spirit. Some like to embrace the entertaining side and get their gift … Read more >

How to Develop a Successful Remote Work Access Strategy

With the beginning of winter only weeks away, many businesses in the Chicago area are bracing themselves for the productivity killing effects of cold weather like flu season and snowstorms that make getting to the office hazardous. However, there’s a … Read more >

7 Things Your IT Tech Support Wants You to Know

IT is the skeleton of a well-functioning business, but it’s not so easy to manage. Companies have grown reliant on technology, and they look to the IT department to fix any problems and keep things running smoothly. However, there are … Read more >

5 Technologies to be Thankful for This Year

The holiday season is upon us. Halloween has come and gone, toothaches and all, and now it’s Thanksgiving. With all the gadgets, modernization, and developments, there’s plenty to be thankful for in the realm of technology. So this season, while … Read more >

4 Business Benefits of HD Video Conferencing

One of the best tools for communication today is video chat. Known as video conferencing in the business world, this enhanced call method allows for a personalized approach to discussion. It lets individuals articulate ideas, plans, and details with improved … Read more >

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