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3 Tech Accessories You Can Make at Home

It’s great to purchase accessories for your different gadgets, but over time the expenses can add up. Why not try these three DIY projects yourself? Homemade Tablet Cover Tablets, like the Amazon Kindle or iPad, definitely need a cover of … Read more >

BlackBerry Announces New Passport Phone

Last Monday, BlackBerry announced its newest smartphone, the Passport. This announcement comes just two weeks after Apple introduced its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones along with the updated iOS 8 software and Apple Watch product line. Passport is … Read more >

IT Support in the Chicagoland and Surrounding Suburbs of Chicago: An Overview

Companies that need IT support in the Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs often receive it from companies located in the Windy City. For companies in the city, this arrangement rarely presents a problem, but companies located in the suburbs must consider … Read more >

Major U.S Hospital Operator Falls Victim to Security Breach

Community Health Systems announced that it has had a major security breach which put their data at risk. Hackers based in China broke into the system and stole 4.5 million patients’ data and information. According to, the hackers used … Read more >

New Policy for Facebook Messenger Sparks Skepticism

 Facebook users are expressing skepticism over Facebook’s new policy regarding its Messenger app. The company has announced that users must download the app in order to continue seeing and sending messages via Facebook. The … Read more >

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