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5 Key Benefits of Having a Managed Security Services Provider

Keeping up with proactive security measures is a herculean challenge for any modern business. While on-site IT teams keep systems up-to-date, create technical roadmaps, and conduct maintenance, introducing the need to also protect network assets can quickly overwhelm them. For … Read more >

Stratosphere Networks’ President Kevin Rubin Offers Insight in New Clutch Cloud Surveys

Kevin Rubin, president and COO of Stratosphere Networks, recently provided expert analysis for two cloud computing survey reports by B2B IT research firm Clutch. The first reported, titled “How Businesses Use Cloud Computing: 2017 Survey,” discusses trends such as increased … Read more >

Top 10 IT Concerns for Auto Dealers

IT is one of the biggest components of a modern business. To some degree, all companies rely on IT – whether that’s through the hardware they use to conduct business or advanced services such as hosted cloud virtualization. Automotive industries … Read more >

What to Do If You Get Hit by Ransomware

Any IT security buff will tell you malware is always evolving. Cybersecurity is an endless tug of war waged between security updates and malware altered to overcome those updates. One major threat is ransomware, a particularly nasty computer bug that … Read more >

What Does the Future Hold for Your IT Department? Tech Predictions for 2018

With the year only about halfway over, you might still be preoccupied with the IT challenges of 2017. IT security awareness and the WannaCry ransomware incident, the continued adoption of cloud solutions, the Internet of Things, the continuing rise of … Read more >

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