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Always Connected: How the Internet of Things is Changing Communication

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an increasingly popular topic in the tech world. But what exactly does it mean for the future of the Internet and consumer products? As we know, people have been connecting to one another … Read more >

Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency

In the business world, “efficiency” is a relative term. What constitutes an efficient method of operation for one company’s IT department may not be an efficient mode of operation for another’s. Nevertheless, when businesses decide to take measures to increase … Read more >

IT Support in the Chicagoland: Key Considerations for Companies in the Suburbs

It is common for companies in the suburbs of Chicago to receive IT support from companies based in Chicago. A major hub for the IT industry, Chicago provides IT support in the Chicagoland area to various companies. If your company … Read more >

5 Industries that 3D Printing will Revolutionize

3D printing is considered one of the greatest innovations of this generation. As companies begin to adopt the new technology, these are the five industries that will be impacted the most: 1) ¬†Healthcare. Like Google Glass, some doctors and hospitals … Read more >

In-car Wi-Fi and New Infotainment Systems Available this Summer

Car companies presented their versions of the increasingly popular smartphone interface technology¬†at this year’s International Auto Show in New York. Smartphone interface technology allows vehicle infotainment systems to connect to and use mobile applications. Land Rover had already announced its … Read more >

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