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What is Experience as a Service (XaaS)?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t take it with you,” which cautions against hoarding wealth and possessions you’ll ultimately leave behind. In line with that perspective, many people would rather make memories than acquire objects. The majority of consumers … Read more >

Your guide to digital customer experience: How to deliver a cohesive omnichannel DX

If you’ve arranged for food delivery through an app, bought household essentials or gifts online, or bantered with a corporate account on social media, you’ve had a digital experience (DX). Every interaction between a customer and a business that takes … Read more >

How chatbots improve customer experience (CX)

As you read this blog entry, it won’t be long before a speech bubble pops up on the lower right side of the screen, greeting you and asking if you need help. Chatbots like this have become commonplace on corporate … Read more >

How to measure CX: 7 key customer experience metrics to monitor

If your spouse or partner sat you down and told you they feel like you tune them out and don’t care about them, you’d know that your relationship was in imminent danger if you didn’t adjust your behavior. That’s the … Read more >

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