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7 Major Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been growing in popularity and usage over the past few years. According to Circle ID, 60 percent of current small-to-medium businesses (SMB) use cloud computing. Of this percentage, 76 percent virtualize small portions of their servers. As … Read more >

Chicago IT Support: Hybrid Clouds Versus Public Clouds

Cloud computing is the use of software and hardware resources on a virtualized model. For example, the data from several servers can be migrated to a software-based service cloud, where it is accessible to the user around the clock. As … Read more >

Chicago IT Support

Chicago IT Support: How Do Businesses Implement Disaster Recovery Plans? Disaster recovery planning is the discipline of planning for a company to resume operations shortly after a disaster destroys the IT system. Because the IT system contains most of a … Read more >

The Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT support

IT infrastructure serves an important role for many companies. Storing data, using software programs and overall system repair features aid in keeping businesses efficient and organized. But what are the pros and cons to having outsourced IT support compared to … Read more >

Chicago IT Support: Signs Your Business Needs a New Support Provider

Just as businesses can outgrow software and hardware solutions, they can also outgrow the services of an IT provider. If you think your company may need to upgrade to a new provider of Chicago IT support and say goodbye to … Read more >

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