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IT Support Chicago: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning for Small Businesses

Every company that uses an IT network to accomplish business objectives should have a disaster recovery plan.┬áBut having a recovery plan is especially important for small businesses, as they seldom have proprietary data stored at more than one business location. … Read more >

Comprehensive Technology Services for All Types of Industries

Whatever your business, chances are that you are using some type of technology to power it. From the factory which requires the use of programmable logic controllers, to the business which is operated by computerized climate control, to the company … Read more >

Cloud Services for Medium Sized Businesses

If you’ve ever considered cloud services for medium sized businesses and you’ve laid it aside in favor or another service, there are a few things that you need to know about what computing in the cloud can offer you. In … Read more >

Cloud Computing for Small Business-What Holds Companies Back?

The cloud is one of the newest and the hottest trends in the online world, not to mention the business world. Cloud computing has a lot to recommend it. The benefits of using cloud computing for your small business company … Read more >

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Managed services speaks about the practice that is common to businesses of outsourcing their management responsibility. It is most commonly used when speaking of systems administration and computer services. It is a method that is used strategically for improvement of … Read more >

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