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Chicago’s New Sensors for Big Data

Chicago is implementing a new way to collect city wide data. Sensors will be added to lamp posts around the city to collect information about the city’s temperatures, precipitation, wind and will also count the amount of people by observing … Read more >

IT Outlook: Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency

Increased efficiency has become a major selling point for providers of third party IT services. If your Chicago-based business meets with an IT consultant about making changes to the IT system, “increased efficiency” is likely to be one of the … Read more >

LG & Google Partner for G Watch

LG is building hype over its new G Watch, a product expected to hit the market this summer. The company launched a promo video of its smartwatch, which has a sleek body and waterproof exterior. LG partnered with Google to … Read more >

11 Ways to Tell if You’ve Been Hacked

Technology is prominent in our society, so it is important to know how to spot malicious activity on your computer as well as potential hackers. Below are 11 ways to recognize if your system is in jeopardy. 1)      Fake antivirus … Read more >

The benefit of managed it services for medium sized businesses

When your business is performing their day to day activities, it needs someone to take care of their IT business services. Many companies depend on computers to run their day to day business, but need professionals who can take care … Read more >

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