Tech Tips from the President

Do You Have Good IT Hygiene?

You probably already know that good hygiene is important. Washing your hands properly, for example, can reduce your risk of getting sick. Just like practicing adequate physical hygiene can keep bugs out of your body, having good IT hygiene (a.k.a. … Read more >

5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch This Year

Nearly everyone in the business world has their head in the cloud these days. A survey of nearly 1,000 professionals from organizations of all sizes and across various industries found that 96 percent reported using cloud technology, according to the … Read more >

4 Key Reasons to Prioritize Cybersecurity This Year

In recent years, organizations across all industries around the globe have experienced data breaches and grappled with rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware, phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, and more. While many of us probably hope that things will get … Read more >

Cybercrime as a Service: What Business Leaders Should Know About This Growing Threat

The popularity of cloud computing has driven the growth of Everything as a Service, or XaaS. Advantages such as easy deployment, accessibility, and cost savings have led service providers to offer everything from infrastructure to disaster recovery to contact center … Read more >

4 Big IT Challenges for Healthcare Providers

Staying on top of IT – including not only maintaining a secure and optimally functioning network but also keeping up with new technologies as they emerge – can prove overwhelming for any organization, regardless of industry. However, tackling the tech … Read more >

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