Tech Tips from the President

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks During the Holidays

Office workers aren’t the only ones who look forward to long weekends. Based on recent ransomware activity, hackers also love holidays that lead to lengthy breaks for the 9-to-5 crowd – because it’s the perfect time to launch ransomware attacks. … Read more >

Microsoft 365 News 11-04-2021: Supplier Adds Support for Large Cases in Advanced eDiscovery

In Microsoft 365 news this week, the supplier announced the general availability of support for large cases in Advanced eDiscovery. Keep reading for more details about that new feature and other new capabilities and updates for the Microsoft 365 suite. … Read more >

Is Application Sprawl Slowing You Down?

How many applications does your team utilize during a typical workday? As technology has evolved and remote and mobile work has become common, many businesses have deployed a flurry of solutions for everything from collaboration to file sharing to ensure … Read more >

Microsoft 365 News 10-28-2021: Teams Meetings to Add Co-Organizer Role

In Microsoft 365 news this week, the supplier announced that Teams meetings will soon include a co-organizer role. Keep reading for details about that modification and other updates and new features for the Microsoft 365 suite. New Features Public preview: … Read more >

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Security Awareness Training Program

If you’ve ever watched a G.I. Joe public service announcement, you’ve heard that knowing is supposedly half the battle. While the exact percentage is arguable, knowledge certainly makes up a sizable percentage of any effective anti-cybercrime strategy.  A lack of awareness about best practices … Read more >

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