Tech Tips from the President

What Will 5G Mean for SMBs?

It’s an exciting time in the world of wireless networking: 5G deployments are expected to take off this year. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networking technology, and it promises significantly faster speeds and lower latency. For example, 5G … Read more >

The Shift Toward Strategic IT: 4 Things Every Business Leaders Should Know

What’s different about how most businesses approach IT today, compared to how they did it a decade or two ago? One of the biggest and most notable changes is that companies have shifted toward leveraging technology in more of a … Read more >

5 Key Ways Machine Learning is Changing Manufacturing

Years ago, machine learning – a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) – got its start when researchers explored the theory that computers could learn from data without being programmed to carry out specific actions, according to SAS. Today, machine learning … Read more >

Do You Have Good IT Hygiene?

You probably already know that good hygiene is important. Washing your hands properly, for example, can reduce your risk of getting sick. Just like practicing adequate physical hygiene can keep bugs out of your body, having good IT hygiene (a.k.a. … Read more >

5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch This Year

Nearly everyone in the business world has their head in the cloud these days. A survey of nearly 1,000 professionals from organizations of all sizes and across various industries found that 96 percent reported using cloud technology, according to the … Read more >

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