Tech Tips from the President

5 Common Types of Malware Explained

Malware – or malicious software – is one of the leading causes of data breaches, according to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report. Cybercriminals leverage these nefarious programs to infiltrate computers and other devices and gain access to sensitive data. … Read more >

9 Advantages Microsoft Teams Has Over Skype for Business

If your organization uses Microsoft Office 365, you were probably already aware that Microsoft plans to replace Skype for Business with a new unified communications (UC) solution, Microsoft Teams. Last year, the company announced at Microsoft Ignite, its annual conference, … Read more >

3 Reasons to Consider a Virtual CSO or CISO

Wherever you’re located, whatever your size, and whichever industry you’re in, your business should prioritize cybersecurity.  Hackers only get smarter and malware becomes more dynamic every day. Subsequently, the epidemic of data breaches shows no signs of going away: As … Read more >

TrickBot Q&A: 4 Essential Things to Know About This Cybersecurity Threat

The cybersecurity landscape changes literally every day as new threats emerge. Hackers constantly become more dynamic and develop new strategies to gain access to sensitive information. Additionally, existing malware continues to evolve. One continually updated IT security threat businesses need … Read more >

5 Types of Hackers Businesses Should Know About

Hacking and data breaches have become a huge source of concern for businesses around the world in recent years. Many organizations have already experienced cybercrime: A 2017 survey of business executives released by Munich Re found that 53% of U.S. … Read more >

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