Tech Tips from the President

Ensuring Business Internet Continuity: Smart Failover Practices and How SDN Can Help

As more enterprises leverage bandwidth sensitive technology such as SIP Trunks or VoIP T1s, as well as cloud-based solutions, a new challenge has come up involving business continuity and system-wide performance. If you lost your Internet connection for one hour, … Read more >

8 Simple Questions to Start an IT Security Discussion

At this point, it’s impossible to ignore the considerable threat data breaches pose to businesses around the world. A quick Google News search brings up millions of results topped by headlines about companies facing lawsuits and fines because their data … Read more >

4 Things to Know About VMware’s New Cross-Cloud Solution

Many businesses have embraced cloud computing technology to achieve greater efficiency, allow for more flexibility, and make applications and data accessible for anywhere at any time. Among companies running applications on and/or experimenting with cloud solutions, it’s common to use … Read more >

Can Your WiFi Handle a Mobile Workforce? Find Out With These 5 Questions

The Internet of Things and the rise of mobility have become some of the most discussed topics in the tech world. The number of mobile devices per person is increasing: The typical digital consumer now owns 3.64 connected devices on … Read more >

4 Inexpensive Ways to Enhance IT Security

A growing number of businesses have found themselves compromised by cyber attacks as hackers get craftier and viruses, malware, and other security threats become more dynamic. More than half of small and medium-sized businesses report experiencing a cyber attack during … Read more >

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