Tech Tips from the President

4 Tips for Better Cloud Cost Management

Essentially everyone is in the cloud these days: 94 percent of 786 tech professionals across various organizations report using the cloud, according to the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud report. They aren’t just leveraging one type of cloud solution … Read more >

Penetration Tests vs. Vulnerability Assessments: What’s the Difference?

Note: This blog post was updated on September 8, 2021. Ensuring your cybersecurity measures are up-to-date and effective is a crucial and ongoing project for any business, regardless of size, location or industry. Cyberattacks continue to occur at a rapid pace: In … Read more >

How Virtual Desktop as a Service Could Give Your Business a Boost

In the old days, you had to be in the office and at your desk to do your job properly. However, thanks to new technologies like smartphones and the cloud, it’s become possible to get your work done from any … Read more >

How Serious is the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage?

Across all industries worldwide, cybersecurity has become a top priority. Hackers keep pumping out new types of malware, and data breaches keep occurring. As of April 8, there were already 281 breaches exposing nearly 6 million records in 2019 so … Read more >

What’s Behind the Rise of Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Businesses seeking to optimize their operations with flexible and efficient IT solutions are increasingly turning to a new technology called hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), according to the Channel Futures article “Hyperconverged Infrastructure Growing in IT, SMBs Lead the Way.” The majority … Read more >

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