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Major U.S Hospital Operator Falls Victim to Security Breach

Community Health Systems announced that it has had a major security breach which put their data at risk. Hackers based in China broke into the system and stole 4.5 million patients’ data and information. According to, the hackers used … Read more >

New Policy for Facebook Messenger Sparks Skepticism

 Facebook users are expressing skepticism over Facebook’s new policy regarding its Messenger app. The company has announced that users must download the app in order to continue seeing and sending messages via Facebook. The … Read more >

How to Avoid Being Scammed While Traveling

Nothing can ruin a vacation like being scammed. Whether you’re on a trip for business or pleasure, it’s important to be observant and watch out for online/telemarketing scams. Here are a few common scams that can happen on vacation, as … Read more >

Which Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency?

If your company is like most others, the efficiency of its daily work environment depends partly on the efficiency with which the IT network operates. Some companies possess the capability to handle network support in house, while others need to … Read more >

Why Businesses Should Invest in Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is beneficial for businesses for a variety of reasons. If you’re hesitating to make the switch, this list is for you. Here are three reasons to ditch your travel plans and switch to videoconferencing. Reduce overall costs Although there … Read more >

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