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How to Protect Your Business From the Growing Threat of Zero-Day Malware

You’ve probably heard the idiom, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s definitely easier to fend off familiar and easily recognizable threats than brand new ones. Unfortunately, zero-day malware is on the … Read more >

Windows 11 Q&A: What Business Leaders Should Know

During the past year and a half or so, technology has become a bigger part of our personal and professional lives than ever before as we’ve sought to stay in touch through periods of social distancing. “The past 18 months … Read more >

Case Study Round-Up: Finding the Right Unified Communications as a Service Platform With Trusted Advisor Services

Estée Lauder once said, “When you stop talking, you’ve lost your customer.” Clear and effective communication is a must for any company looking to attract new clients and maintain solid relationships with current ones. As the world has become more … Read more >

Microsoft 365 News 07-29-2021: Supplier Introduces Ability to Pin Messages in Teams

In Microsoft 365 news this week, the supplier announced that you can now pin messages in Teams to ensure chat participants see important information. Keep reading for details about other new features, updated features and announcements related to the Microsoft … Read more >

It’s Time to Review Your Disaster Recovery Plan

If you couldn’t access your most critical applications and data for an hour, how much would it cost you? For a high-priority application, an hour of downtime costs approximately $67,651, according to the Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report. Given that … Read more >

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