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Four Reasons Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency

  There are several reasons why Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency. A few of the most important ones include: to improve software program performance, minimize network downtime, allow workers to spend more time on core business functions, and … Read more >

Tech Resolutions for the New Year

Now that the New Year is just around the corner, here are some technology resolutions to consider for 2015: Clean and Organize Your Inbox Although it’s tedious and time consuming, starting the year off with inbox 0 will help you … Read more >

5 Gifts for Any Tech Lover

Do you have a family member who loves the latest technology gadgets? Or maybe a coworker who is totally into technology? Here’s a list of some fun tech gifts for this holiday season: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen. 3D … Read more >

Spotify Will Now Be Available for Your Uber Ride

Uber and Spotify have teamed up to bring passengers a more personalized traveling experience. Now, Uber users can pick their Spotify playlist to listen to while in an Uber car. The partnership was announced last Monday by Uber CEO Travis … Read more >

Beware of These Recent Scams

Police in the Chicagoland suburbs are reporting more and more incidents of residents being scammed. The scams are usually fake phone calls with the caller asking for some sort of money transfer or claiming to be from Microsoft. Elderly residents … Read more >

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