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The Rise of OpenStreetMap

Online mapping has been dominated by Google Maps for some time. Nonetheless, OpenStreetMap is gaining fast. Though it is only 8 years old, it is obvious that the people at OpenStreetMap are vying for the title of most-used web map … Read more >

How enterprises can benefit from virtualization

Being able to get more from existing technologies or harness new technology with the same budget is valuable no matter what size your business.  One way this can be accomplished is through integrating virtualization into the IT structure. This type … Read more >

Hands-Free Connectivity with Project Glass

We have moved into the age of on the go computing. But Google would like to take it a step further. You might have heard of their Project Glass initiative, which many people call Google glasses. These resemble futuristic sci-fi … Read more >

Get More out of Gmail

People and businesses regularly use Gmail these days. This makes sense, as it is easy to use, free, and Google makes good products. If you are using Gmail, you are probably not using it to its full potential. Gmail has … Read more >

Shortcuts lead to Office 365 happiness

The pointing device, or mouse, is one of the integral parts of our computer platform. Without it, we would have a tough time navigating today’s complicated software. While the mouse is useful in office suites like Microsoft Office 365, there … Read more >

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